Things I Learned This Year

The foundation of my role as an advisor, is to listen. To clients, to industry leaders and experts, to top talent in every generation. I learn something new in every call, meeting, and exchange.
I have met with business leaders from all industries to discuss leadership and nominations and had the privilege to meet industry leading talent to discuss their motivations, their frustrations, their successes and their insights. Looking back over the past year, a few key takeaways stayed with me… some have crystallized over time and some came as a total surprise.

Modernizing Search (Guest Featuring Nurole)

At Choi & Burns, we leverage innovative tools like Nurole – the online member network cum marketplace for high performers to engage directly with blue chip for- and non-profit organizations – to overcome outdated search processes.

The Millennial Conundrum – Are You “Stuck” In Traditional Mode?

The term “millennial” still comes with a lot of baggage and misunderstanding, most often that this generation of workers is “entitled”, “lazy”, and “disloyal’. “Why bother hiring them?” is a behind-the-scenes frustration common in the corridors of American business. Those companies are “stuck in traditional mode.”