Modernizing Search (Guest Featuring Nurole)

At Choi & Burns, we leverage innovative tools like Nurole – the online member network cum marketplace for high performers to engage directly with blue chip for- and non-profit organizations – to overcome outdated search processes.

Top talent should be in an ongoing flow of information about available roles, tailored to their interests and skills. Likewise, companies should be able to quickly reach a diverse, global pool of (vetted) talent. Nurole has naturally increased diversity of hires by letting technology increase access and by coaching companies to focus on what they want candidates to achieve, instead of who they think the candidate should be. An outsized percentage of women have been placed in C-Suite and board roles, an even greater proportion than are even represented as Nurole members!

The search industry should be disrupted. Technology should be leveraged, so that enterprise and talent can find one another, directly! By increasing transparency and information flow, search firms’ ability to provide judicious and solution-orientation advisory, not proprietary candidate sourcing, will be elevated.

We invite you to check out Nurole, and read more about 3 ways traditional headhunting must change!